A lot of people know this. I hardly talk smack about anyone even if they have inconvenienced me. I rarely post negative reviews of anything or anybody but I don’t sit well when I feel abused.

Last July, I decided to put my weightloss into high gear by going strict Paleo. My #RoadToSub300 partner, Bikram Yoga Alabang, at the same time, had a 4×4 yoga challenge where I participated. So having nothing but pure Paleo meals plus a perfect workout regimen of Yoga and CrossFit, I was confident in losing a lot — as a matter of fact, I did.

In preparation, my cousin showed me this online group voucher. I got so excited because the image showed a lot of food and I figured that the place, it being in Paranaque, would be easy to go to.


Disclaimer (in their behalf): That is NOT what they are offering.

I’ve been in the food business myself and I have also interacted with my own share of voucher companies and the ones that I have worked with REQUIRE that I give them pictures of the food that we were offering so as not to give the customers poor advertising. So when I saw this post, I was immediately impressed and figured for the price, it would definitely be a bargain.

…the ones that I have worked with REQUIRE that I give them pictures of the food that we were offering so as not to give the customers poor advertising.

So without hesitating, I opted to go for 2 vouchers of the 15-day package. I figured that since I’ll be doing this for one month, having my meals locked down would definitely help me. In my excitement, I even told a few friends about it and 5 people immediately got long before I could get mine. That was how confident I was with both the group voucher company and the merchant themselves.

Cutting the nitty gritty of it all, I only received 21 days of the 30 days I paid for (I still have 9 days that I haven’t received yet.). I contacted both the company, Vetri Deli Foods via their Facebook page and contact numbers AND even the so-called Michelin Star and HACCP-Certified chef Ric Loteria. At first, they were responsive and gave me promises but never delivered. But now, they stopped delivering the meals altogether. 4 of my friends never got their meals delivered anymore, 1 of them got 2 days of the 15 days she paid for, and 1 didn’t even get one.

This is not even discounting the fact that his portion sizes per meal is too small that it could hardly satisfy a 2-year old. When they posted the voucher, it said that we will be getting a full day’s meal at 50% the cost. It was never explained that the portion size was affected as well based on the image they advertised. (sarcasm inserted for those who cannot read sarcasmese)

When I revisited the chat thread I started with both Vetri Deli Pasta and Michelin Star and HACCP-Certified Chef Ric Loteria, both Facebook pages have magically disappeared and no one is answering their phones anymore.


As you could see, his responses have disappeared signifying that the Facebook account has been deactivated or deleted. There is a gap between my thumbs up icon and my last message signifying that there was a response that disappeared because the person’s profile disappeared.

The brunt of the issue here is not much of him giving me a disservice. It’s the fact that he also gave my friends a disservice. Napahiya ako sa mga kaibigan ko dahil sa kanya.

I’m sure this Celebrity Chef has his reasons but leaving a client in thin air is just unacceptable. I will not waste my money driving all the way to his restaurant just to look for him.

Don’t get me wrong. His dishes were delicious. I would’ve easily forgiven him if only he completed his end of the deal and gave me my 9 days.

Btw, I have also communicated with Groupon and they didn’t do anything but give me a generic response.

Anyway, if you ever come across a Chef by the name of Ric Loteria, please tell him he needs to talk to me. He should know how to contact me. Oh, and as for Groupon, don’t get from them also. Metrodeal, Deal Grocer, and Ensogo were even more pleasant to work with than Groupon.

5 thoughts on ““Michelin Star and HACCP-Certified” Chef Ric Loteria of Vetri Deli Pasta is a FRAUD! | Food Review Fridays

  1. Facebook comment was also deleted (since I attached pics of the portion size) and was later banned (?) since I can’t search for them anymore on Facebook. Stumbled into your site trying to find other ways of getting in touch with ‘chef’ ric.

  2. Same thing happened to us! We ordered for 3 15-day deliveries but only got 2 days out of the 15. We even went to his house/production site/office in paranaque to no avail. Never got a refund to this. Did u by any chance did?

    1. Unfortunately, the site has disappeared and I couldn’t find them anymore. Last time I checked, they have a Google+ page but decided to post this instead of trying to reconcile since this, to me, was irreconcilable.

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