In this post, I will simply update and update this until I complete my whole month. This will be interesting.

Juicing can indeed free you from these..

October 4, 2014 – Week 1: Juicing was never the real challenge here, it’s having to listen to those who are not into it and complain at how hungry they are. Friday, I had my regular Paleo meals but when Saturday came, taking a c**p really hurt. I mean, my stomach hurt and it was soft.

October 12, 2014 – Week 2: Survived this week with my juicer breaking down. Well not really. But I need to borrow my sister’s for the remainder of the challenge. Post week juicing reaction: My tummy reacts a little more violently to the bad stuff I ate post-juicing. I would move much more frequently. So I should really avoid the bad c**p but it’s soooo good. #badEboy

October 31, 2014 – Week 5: My juicing month has come to an end. It was difficult yet fulfilling. For the whole duration of my challenge, I was able to successfully, healthily, and permanently lose 7 pounds. Bringing my weight 20 pounds away from my Biggest Loser finale weight of 348 pounds.

And with just a few weeks of juicing, it did give me what it promised it would..

This will definitely not end here. I have already discussed it with my family that we will be have juicing nights every once in a while to get the good food going.

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