In preparation for the upcoming Friends For Friends concert this December 12, 2014, I’ve decided to give myself another challenge. It’s a simple challenge, really.

The challenge is to lose more weight than what I’ve lost recently. I kind of let myself go from the time I weighed myself last and it’s time to bring things back.

So, starting Monday, I will go back to doing 3 days of Yoga every week, 4-5 days of CrossFit every week, a 1-day to 2-day juicing detox regimen every week, and last, but not the least, a Paleo/Zone meal plan.

Paleo has been really, really good to me and it’s time to include proper portioning. So that’s where Zoning comes in. It’s giving myself a balance of protein, carbs, and fat.


I wonder how the combination of Paleo, Zone, and Juicing comes to play. Not to mention Yoga and CrossFit.

Let’s see where this will take me.


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