A new year deserves a new design. So this is what this will look like from now on.

From the last time I ate healthy and all through out the holidays to January 1, I ate anything and EVERYTHING and never for one second regretted it because I had a plan and that’s what I am doing now.

I weighed myself last January 6 to discover that I gained 17 pounds which is not too bad. I know I can lose it again slowly and it being the beginning of the year, I have 52 weeks to shed that 17 pounds and a lot more. Hopefully, I’d be able to surpass my BLPE finale weight and hopefully hit below 300 pounds.




So part of my adjustment is portion control. When I eat anything that is non-Paleo, I make sure that it is not too much not to skew the Paleo things I had eaten. By next week, we should see a lot more green.

January 19 is the start of Bikram Yoga Alabang’s 4×4 or 30-day Yoga Challenge. They do it twice a year and on January 17, I should weigh myself again and see how much I’ll be starting with and see how much I’m going to lose after.



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