Ever since this blog started, I never really got to discussing to all of you what my goals are. Maybe if I put them here, it would motivate me to at least try and hit them.

I never really got around thinking what I want to accomplish each year. I think now is a good time to start and ponder on what I want to accomplish for myself before the year ends. Then maybe go back and see if I did the effort to at least try or come one step closer.

Bridges-Wins-Legless-2013-GamesLooking back at my first post for 2015, my improved goal is not to look like any of the ones I drool and admire over the internet. My main objective is to have a healthy life.

I am not looking to become the best athlete known to man. I am looking into being the best ME.

So for this particular post, I will be focusing on what I want to accomplish by the end of this year and if I couldn’t, at least be a few steps closer.

My body, at the moment, can already do a lot of things. At 385 pounds (yes, I kinda gained a bit over the holidays), I can do burpees, jumping jacks, consistently jump rope, and run a 5K (not consistently, though).

There are a lot of elements in CrossFit that I would want to achieve. Being in it for almost 3 years now made me realize that I am still far off but that should not stop me from trying.

So here are my top 3 fitness goals for 2015 and my battle plan to achieve that goal:

478595_10150642605461205_488177998_o1. An easy handstand – Back in 2012, I was able to do a wall walk to a handstand (sorry folks, this is the only pic I have of something remotely close to a handstand but I was able to do one and hold it for 30 seconds.) This year, I would like to be able to do a handstand just like everyone else without needing to wall walk.

In order for me to achieve this, I should lose a lot more weight for me to easily carry myself.

Hopefully if I get to lose at least 50 pounds and continue on with my lifting, yoga, and CrossFit, I should be able to be strong enough and light enough to carry myself.

So 335 pounds is the lightest I’ve ever been after the Finale (well, 338) and I am aiming to go for 281 to make my total weight loss percentage to 41.6% which is 200 pounds less from my starting weight of 481 back in 2011.

Double-Under-Practice-600x3992. A (singular) double under – A double under is a CrossFit staple. With a jump rope (or single under), you let the jump rope pass under your feet once. In a double under, you let the rope pass under your feet twice within a single jump.

The momentum takes a while to get used to but once you achieve that, they say, it’s pretty difficult to get out of it.

It’s pretty interesting the type of enthusiasm you receive from your fellow CrossFitters about these. It’s addicting, really. All I need is to practice 50 singles everyday until I can get it faster and faster. Once I get it, I will attempt a double under.

finish-line-9003. To be able to finish a 5K in under 45 minutes – For the longest time, my 5K is barely under 1 hour and it should stop. I’ve always put running off for the simple reason that I hate running. Cardio, for me, sucks balls. Yesterday at CrossFit, we were not yet allowed to lift weights because the box was just newly renovated and the contractor required a curing time of one week before we can start dropping barbells again. So our WODs lately were more cardio than ever and it was tiring.

I need to give myself more cardio because that is one of the faster ways to lose weight and improve on my running if I want to do the sub-45 minute 5K and eventually a sub-1 hour 10k.

So there you have it. My fitness goals for 2015. I will not aim for something that I am already good at like weightlifting but focus on my weaknesses. So there you go.


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