119420Losing weight is not a one-shot deal. Remember how long it took you to get that big? It’s definitely gonna take some time to lose the weight.

Every year, the strong folks at Bikram Yoga Alabang hold one of the most anticipated yoga challenges done in almost every yoga studio there is; the 4×4 or 30-day yoga challenge.

These challenges happen every January and July and a lot of yogis and yoginis look forward to it. More often than not, this is the only time you see these people do yoga.

Screenshot_2015-01-17-21-06-44The 30-day challenge encourages you to do 30 days of yoga (so, obviously, you must complete 30 sessions within the given time frame). A lot of these practitioners take 2, 3, or even 4 sessions in a day to make up/prepare for the days they were not able to go.

This year, the theme for the challenge is #idareme.

The 4×4 challenge is for those who want to challenge themselves but are not as crazy as the 30-dayers. This time, in a 7-day week, you are encouraged to do 4 sessions (this time, you are not allowed to do 2, 3, or 4 in a day) for 4 weeks within the given time frame.

yogaThis challenge is fun to do most especially when you are in a community such as the one in Bikram Yoga Alabang. Everyone is everyone else’s motivator.

I was just particularly busy after the last challenge and was not able to attend regular classes prior to this challenge. But I am hoping that I can continue this after the challenge.

For more information about the 4×4/30-day challenge, you can get in touch with Bikram Yoga Alabang through their web site, their Facebook page, their Twitter account, or their Instagram account.


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