2 years ago, I posted about a frustration I had. Now, it’s back.

frustrated_customerWhile writing this post, I realized that I already talked about this in a previous post.

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself to go full speed ahead on my weightloss. Thinking that if I started at the first month of the year, the chances of me hitting below 300 pounds would be much closer with a little wiggle room when Christmas 2015 comes in.

Guess what, I weighed myself twice (January 7 and January 19) and I still gained.

ZomboDroid20012015094935I have to admit that it hit me pretty hard. For days now I haven’t been honest with my meals because of the frustration. The good side is that I am already starting to pick up doing Yoga and CrossFit. You can say that this can be placed like a meme.

It feels nice having to have an avenue to vent out your frustrations. In your end, you can see that I go through as much road bumps as everybody else. Let me be the one to say that you are not alone and that you are stronger than that.

Quoting what I posted in my old post last 2013:

All I need is to shake off the depression and just continue to focus. My God will not make me fail. I am sure of that.

Yes, I am shaking this off. I still have the rest of the year to lose a lot and hit below 300. I owe it to myself and to all of you to stop and quit now.


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