2 weeks into 2015. How far have you gone since you made your 2015 fitness goals?

Are you slowly getting your groove on or are you constantly telling yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow.”?

The past four weeks has been a tad difficult (coming from binge eating and Christmas feasting) but not doable. I’ve promised to go back to a weekly juicing thanks to my Breville® juicer and so far, I’ve successfully done 3 days total in my 2 weeks but I’m slowly getting there.

Stressed-Business-Woman2015 I’ve promised myself to go and look for work. Last year was all about taking care of my body but now, I should start to include work because how can I convince you guys that losing weight is easy if that’s the only thing I am doing? So that is stressing me everyday now.

Are you stressed over work? Are you using that as an excuse not to take care of your body?

Don’t!! Fight it.. You got this!!


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