A few articles have been posted online about how the respective networks run The Biggest Loser in their franchises and one such article came out just recently and I feel that I should say something about it and set the records straight.

The Biggest LoserI honestly cannot vouch for the other networks and their respective franchises. All I can speak for is from someone who has been in the show himself and it is with ABS-CBN’s franchise. Everything that was said and done on-screen is also what was said and done off screen. The emotions between the contestants and the trainers were all real and genuine.

t1103reggie_1For the first three weeks into training, our meals were provided for by Ms. Nadine Tengco and the rest of The Sexy Chef. The meals were packaged and labelled with each of our names so that no one can eat more than the other. During those three weeks, she would meet all of us either as a group or individually and slowly teach us the do’s and don’t’s in eating and from the 4th week onwards, we were pretty much on our own with weekly conversations with her discussing what we had for the week and her giving us her two-cents worth and adjusting accordingly.

We would exercise, on average, around 3-5 hours a day but it’s not straight. We would do 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast, a quick 30 minutes to an hour before lunch, an hour to an hour and a half between lunch and dinner, and another quick 30 minute-er before bed. Not to mention the days where we would shoot the challenges. Since we had nothing else to do at camp, exercising was pretty much our only option every day. Note that we weren’t allowed to bring our phones in. We had no internet, no access to TV or radio. We would have weekly movie nights but that’s it.

That’s basically what happened in camp. That’s at least how I saw it. Whatever the other contestants did in camp was totally on their own and not from the network.

Untitled-1If you’ve seen pictures of some of the contestants getting big or have gone back to what they were, I would then say that it is of their motives in joining the show that got them back to how they are now. Some of us are still fighting to lose weight.

This was me two years ago. Still struggling but not letting up.

Still fighting but not giving up. That’s a promise.

Forget the other 15. I’m not stopping. That should be enough for you not to stop as well.


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