How do you deal when you decide to change your life? Do you do everything you want before beginning, do you set a start date, or do you just go at it right away?

b444tMy two personas are complete opposites. When I am in the mood, I lose weight quite easily. On the other hand, I can let myself go and forget what I was doing.

Losing weight is hard work and for me, preparation is key. I am not like those people who can easily start something at any moment’s whim and feel like it’s ok.

Recently, I just started work and it is great. It’s with this BPO company that gives a perfect schedule. With this schedule, I can now easily incorporate Yoga and CrossFit which Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure Harmonystarts on March. The new CrossFit box is near my home; it is literally on the way to work which is perfect. The schedule they have is perfect for my work schedule and if all falls into place, I can get a promotion while maintaining my work-life balance.

Bottomline, when you are planning something life-changing, think of those options that you think can work for you. Then stick with it. I’m doing the set a start date method.

You can say things are looking up, again.


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