It has been exactly 28 days since my last post. I honestly don’t know what to say at this point. I guess “sorry” is the appropriate thing to say here leaving everybody hanging.

Well, as for some of you who’ve known, I’ve gone back to working again. It’s in a company and in a work load where it encourages me to use my writing capabilities and creativity in creating descriptive texts that are 130-210 characters long. And I am loving every second of it.

The people that I am working for are fun to be with and would give me the right amount of pressure to push myself more and yet having that understanding and forgiving tone when I miss the mark.

The people that I work with naman are also fun to be with. A collage of characters with different levels of emotional sensitivity which makes it really interesting to work with and work in. Overall, these guys are ok in my books.

Part of the reason why I started to write again is because I need to give and have a confession; I haven’t been honest with my weight loss regimen. For the most part, it was nothing but eating anything I wanted and not going to the gym or Yoga. Not going to CrossFit and Yoga makes not eating right even worse and because of that I am already starting to feel the consequences of my bad lifestyle choices.

downloadFirst of all, I’ve felt that I’ve grown big significantly and because of that my body is negatively reacting to it as well. Moving becomes difficult and I would often get gout attacks that would make me need to take pain medicines so that I don’t get absent at work which is making my condition worse. I remember receiving a message from my niece showing me this article that says that taking too much pain medicine is bad for the health and it will affect first the kidneys. I am way too young to be worrying about my kidneys, and knees, and hips, and lungs. I should be worrying about when I will get my lifting strength back or when I will get my first pull up or first double under and all those.

I’ve also gotten back to using my CPAP because I’ve gotten my sleep Apnea back which is seriously not a good sign.apnia I’ve also gotten a real bad cough.

So pulling everything together is just giving me one big state of depression and it should stop and it slowly is.

Yesterday my mother suddenly spoke and told me that I’ve let myself go and that I should go back to doing Paleo again. I am happy for two reasons:
1. My mom is seeing that it is affecting me physically and that I should be told of it.
2. My mom believes in the positive effects of Paleo in my life and how quickly that should get me back on my toes.

After realizing that I should do something about it, I also decided to touch base with you all and tell you that I am well and that I have just had a little set back and will be back on my toes soon.

I’ve moved to a new box which is much nearer to the house than the old one. I will miss those guys but there is something promising about the new box that I am equally excited about. All I need is to get everything back in order and I’ll be set.

As the old Journey song goes, “Don’t stop believing.”


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