I give up. I cannot live being like this. Something has got to change.

Don’t get it twisted. What I meant when I said that I wanted to give up is the bad lifestyle that I’ve been having. I’ve been eating too much bad food too many times and it is affecting my body.

Here is the list of what is happening to me now that I want all of you to watch as I get my life back together:
1. Sleep Apnea – This is the difficulty of sleeping. Back then I was using a CPAP machine (Google it) and I am now back to using it. Not good.
2. Coughs due to mild asthma – It’s because the lungs are having a hard time breathing due to obesity. So whenever I take a deep breath, I cough.
3. Sore joints – Because my legs are carrying too much weight, it is taking a toll on the joints.
4. Clothes not fitting anymore – Need I say more?

These were the top things that I lost after the show and I got them all back and it’s not right. I should not allow myself to be defeated by obesity.

Plan of attack:
1. More cardio – Since I could not go back to Yoga and CrossFit, doing morning walks should give some cardio going on.
2. Paleo/Juicing/Portion Control – The combination of this three has been deemed the most effective nutritional lifestyle for me. Remember the time I lost 45 pounds in 4 months? If I can just get that back.
3. CrossFit and Yoga – These two saved my life and if I could get it back, it would be awesome.

By the time this post goes live, I would be on my second day. Let this be my official #BalikAlindogProgram.


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