From 2011, the Biggest thing that happened to me was that I joined a reality show. I may not have won but I would consider myself a winner still because of the lifestyle change (though rocky at times) and you guys. After that, it was pretty much nothing.


At the end of 2014, I decided it’s time to stop dreaming and to go back to real life. At the beginning of 2015, I went back to the BPO/Call Center industry at this center at the Parañaque area. But since I haven’t had any work for over 3 years, I felt that “supervisor-ship” of 5 years is already passé and that I needed to start from the bottom and just rework my way up.

For the first few days I seriously felt that I made the wrong decision and should’ve accepted the Technical Lead post at a rival company but then I realized that God will not let me stay at this company without a reason and that leaving it prematurely would mean that I didn’t listen to God.

easy_life1The workload is amazingly light with the right amount of challenge always making me want to constantly improve. Bragging aside, I would like to say that even with my short tenure that I am already “riding with the big boys” and would often surpass some of them.

Having experienced being in the Management spectrum has given me the understanding I didn’t have before my promotion back then. This time around it was more of a “You say, ‘JUMP!’ and I’ll say, ‘HOW HIGH?'” mentality. Whenever Management would give an order, I would not hesitate because I knew it was necessary. It should never be about contracts and agreements between “me” and the “company” because chances are, whoever complained didn’t read the contract very well; A contract they willingly signed and bitching and moaning about what was misunderstandingly promised is pointless.


There are times when I would hear my officemates complain of a Management decision. Then at the back of my head, there would automatically be around 5-10 things I could say in Management’s defense. But there are times where I would stop myself for the sole reason that they did not ask for my opinion and all they wanted was to bitch and moan.

Today marks my 2nd month at the company and the chances of getting promoted again is starting to get clear. But then it made me think. Do I really want to go back to the rat race again? Will I want to sacrifice my other 13 hours of freedom not needing to worry about work and anything else in between? The answer is really not that clear yet but with what is happening with me now, all I can do is be grateful to God for what I currently have.

Having that said, I will not look at my current experience as a minor setback but as a character building exercise.

Sure, I do not have that whopping salary I had when I was a Supervisor but having to start from the bottom again and slowly working my way up — and savoring every moment of it, I feel that I will become a more effective leader some day.

I was going through YouTube the other day and have come across a song I’ve loved and have watched countless times. It’s a song by Julianne Tarroja titled Grateful, Listen to the lyrics of the song and see if this has touched you the way that it has touched me now.

Having that said, I will not look at my current experience as a “minor setback” but as a “character building” exercise.

What’s left now is to get back to my CrossFit and Yoga practice. My body has been very uncooperative lately which is not allowing me to do even one.  Hoping to be able to do a couple of sessions before April ends.


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