It’s been ages since my last post. Ever since I started working, I never really got the chance to update this blog and I apologize to all of you. I will try to post most stuff soon.

Gone are the days when Facebook was just all about pictures and pokes. Not a lot of scandals, opinions, and love-hate stuff. To be honest, Frendster seemed to be much cleaner and wholesomer than Facebook is now.

In the guise of being concerned or sincere, we would post stuff (often times offensive or gross) just to appear updated and add a smiley at the end to lighten up the post.

With what is happening now, you don’t know whether having a lot of “friends” is beneficial or not anymore.

Gone are the days where anyone can post anything and not be afraid of receiving a barrage of hate posts just because your opinion differs from theirs. I am afraid to post my opinions on many things because most of the people will not understand me. It’s my opinion and I feel violated when people judge me for an opinion and not because I said that your opinion is wrong; Funny how I never said someone’s opinion was wrong and yet they think I did.

Don’t stoop down to the level of stupid people. They can easily beat you because of tenure.

Saying whether something is wrong or right is waaaaaaaaaay different than saying you agree or disagree with something. Often times, people miss that point and would automatically judge you just because you made an opinion. They are not directly involved yet they hate you for it. It’s like as if they had extra space in their concern box that they can share it with others.

Gone are the days when people would give you a chance to get to know you. Instead, they make snap judgments and just live through their lives judging you just because they failed to get to know you better. Every action you make becomes an amazing story to them trying to piece everything together to justify their judgment.

Whether it’s your public or personal life, people crave to pull you down just to pull themselves up.

The solution? Don’t stoop down to the level of stupid people. They can easily beat you because of tenure.

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