After much coaxing and discussion with a couple of my friends from work., they have successfully convinced and motivated me to get back into shape.

I am not getting any younger, you see. By 2018, I will be 40. So the best gift would be to get me active again and lose a significant amount of weight before I hit 40.

One of the reasons that motivated me to do this was an observation: I notice that, especially here in the Philippines, it’s those who have a lot of time in their hands who get to maintain this lifestyle. Owning their own businesses gave them flexibility; Flexibility to workout whenever they want wherever they want and I would like to try and prove that wrong. I would like to prove that you can indeed lose weight even on a regular work schedule.

Not just a few pounds here and there but really lose a lot of weight. Well, that’s the goal, at least.

The challenge is to be able to stick to a steady regimen. My schedule is pretty straightforward with permanent weekends off which also allows me to workout in the morning. IF I get to wake up early enough.

As of March 21, I’ve settled to remove simple carbs, dairy, and sugar from my diet. I’ve also settled to eat frequent small meals. That should help jump start my metabolism.

I am posting this so that it’s public. There’s no turning back from this. I have 10 months to lose a significant amount of weight . Can I do it? I sure the hell hope so.


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