It’s been quite a hot minute since I last blogged. I just signed up for a new web host to be able to continue blogging because free WordPress is cramping my style and I got a good deal with the web host at 50% off for life so I have got that going for me.

So what’s been happening to me and what will you guys expect from me this 2019? I honestly don’t know yet. I really don’t want to do something and practically set myself up for failure like a health and fitness journey (but I really am taking my dieting and exercise seriously now… It’s just that I decided not to document it… or am I?). Let’s see where that will take me.

I’ve also set up a new YouTube channel though I kinda paused making videos too because it really takes a long while to edit and it kinda stresses me out needing to post a video every week with me being a one-man show for now. Let’s see.

So that’s that. I will try to get things moving more often as the days go by.

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