The feeling when you have a lot of things on your mind but when you decide to put it down on a blog post, nothing seems to make sense. Good thing I have my phone connected to this site so I can pretty much post when I am motivated.

As with my site’s latest update, I want this to reflect 3 of my favorite things:

  • Food
  • Technology
  • Being a tito

The third one being a big chunk of what I want my site to be about. I’ve been a literal tito for at least half of my life. My very first niece is now a mom which technically makes me a Lolo but it was only until a few years back when I have fully embraced my tito-ness and have gotten accustomed to the persona.

I, however, would also still want to talk about food and technology. The latter because I feel that I belong to the generation who as actually lived through the birth and advancement of technology that we are the only generation that fully understands and appreciates it.

Being a restaurateur for a while, I have also understood and appreciated food. Well, aside from the fact that my family’s favorite pastime is eating and doing our very own critique of virtually every restaurant that we have eaten in either as individuals or as a family.

So that’s it. A semi-full explanation of my site’s direction. For everything else, there’s social media. So follow me.

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