Let’s face it. A chicken wing is a chicken wing is a chicken wing. The only way you can f*ck a chicken wing up is by not cooking it properly. Otherwise, you are pretty much set. As of this writing, I have only been to two places that offer all-you-can-eat chicken wings with an array of delicious and supposedly unique flavors to hopefully entice their customers.

Of course, the goal of every restaurant owner is not just to get customers but to get returning customers since it’s these returning customers who ensure that your business will stay afloat for at least 2-3 years. After which it’s time to rehash or reformat the menu to make things fresh and exciting.

With the rise in popularity of Facebook groups like Let’s Eat Pare and Masarap Ba because of their active followers. It’s just a matter of time before a certain unknown brand gets recognized. People in these communities would often times turn to these pages if they are in the mood to try something new. It’s like having a more reliable Siri or Google when looking for new places to try and more often than not, they are not disappointed.

Again, it’s with groups like these that l learned about a place called All Wings in Better Living, Parañaque. It being a hop, skip, and jump away from my residence and with a price starting at ₱209 (while others would offer the same thing way higher than that), I’m thinking, “what can go wrong?” So I decided to give this place a look-see.

Thanks to people who have already posted where this place is, it was not that difficult to find. Parking is a little cramped because, if you’re like me, you’d like to park in front of the establishment itself and not its neighboring stores so as not to block their customers. But that’s just me.

For a place that just opened 6 months ago, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the place is clean. It is obvious that the owners took everything in consideration when designing the place from their well made signage in front, to the homey and inviting ambiance inside, and even up to their very nice toilet (which always gets bonus points from me).

The menu is simple and not overwhelming to go through. It’s that type where it does not confuse you with big words as if you are looking at a legal document. It just tells you that they have chicken and that’s it. Of course, that’s what you’re there for so why should we expect anything else, right?

So upon speaking to the server, they offer the following:

  • All wings and rice for ₱209.
  • All wings with rice and drink-all-you-can iced tea for ₱269.

They have other drinks a la carte and even an option to take their food to-go and that’s it.

Of course, I didn’t go for the ambiance but for the taste so I immediately placed my order. The rule is that you immediately get 6 “pieces” on your first order and each succeeding order you get 4-5 “pieces” of a sauce variant per customer but then you are encouraged to place your next order while eating the one already served. 

Note: I placed quotation marks on “pieces” because they count the drumette and the flat or wingette with the tip as two separate pieces. Then again, since it’s all-you-can-eat, should it matter how many pieces are actually considered as pieces?

I tried the following sauces and here are my comments of each:

  • Garlic Aioli – The look, texture, and even the taste of this sauce coating reminded me of Garlic Parmesan. I like it.
  • Teriyaki – What can I say, the sweet and tang was a perfect balance. Adding the sesame seeds just confirmed it visually because anything with Teriyaki sauce should have sesame seeds, right?
  • Mustard – Sitting this next to the Garlic Aioli would immediately confuse you because the mustard flavor did not shine through as much as it should but it’s still good.
  • Honey Sriracha/Caribbean/Buffalo – If you are a purist, these three flavors are the most common ones in most chicken wing shops. If you mess this up, you pretty much have written a death wish. I am happy to report that they did not disappoint.

I was not really interested in the regular flavors such as their Gravy or Smoky BBQ so I skipped those variants.

Out of habit, I was tempted to ask if they had any dipping sauces but decided against it since the flavors alone already was enough. I was even given the option to add extra on my sauce selection to heighten the flavor which it did. 

Not having rice with my meal, I was able to breeze through 6 baskets or 32 “pieces” or 16 whole wings. Not having the rice with my meal made me feel full but not bloated.

With everything that has been said and done, here are my comments about my entire experience.

Pros: Everything that I ordered in their sauce selection was good. It wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t bad. I particularly liked their Honey Sriracha, Buffalo, and Caribbean sauces the spice gave a kick and it was a good kind of kick.

The service was quick. They served your order in 3-4 minutes and it was hot and crispy. Bravo!

The service attendant was at your beck and call. Asking if I needed a refill or another order the moment she noticed that my basket was getting empty.

What easily enhanced my experience was the little things, really. Having a rubbish pail was a good touch. Having the option to be able to separate the eaten bones from the untouched ones showed that these people value neatness and it showed.

Their toilet was even neat and clean. Thinking that the place was supposed to be a little on the informal side, you’d think that they’d just put in a toilet bowl and sink and would only clean it when they would use it but, no. They made sure their toilet was very clean. Smell and all.

Cons: Paying for left-overs is completely understandable. Of course, you wouldn’t want your customers to order everything on the menu just because it’s all-you-can-eat for them to leave a few pieces untouched going to waste. It just felt uneasy having to pay the left-over rate for rice (which is ₱30) just because I decided not to get my rice. Mind you, I did not ask for a discount for not getting rice. I was willing to pay the full price of ₱269 with their drink-all-you-can iced tea. All I wanted was for them not to serve the rice anymore. Unfortunately, not getting the rice was considered as my left-over and is subject to paying the left-over charge. Totally unnecessary in my opinion but what can you do?

On both instances I’ve been there, I was not able to try their Spicy Mango. I think that if this unique flavor had been available, it would have easily bumped half a Tito up the scale. I mean, granted that this unique flavor knocked it out of the park.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience eating at All Wings.

So, for the entire experience with the food giving the biggest weight, I am giving All Wings a 4 out of 5 Titos.

Would I go back? With the way they cooked their wings and with that price point, absolutely.

Give it a try and post your comments below.

Here is all you need to know about All Wings if you decide to visit them anytime soon.

Name: All Wings
Address: #18 France cor. Germany Sts., Brgy Don Bosco, Better Living Subd., Paranaque City
Contact Number: +63906.242.6794
Operating Days/Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00AM to 3:00PM (last call at 2:30PM), 5:00PM to 11:00PM (last call at 8:30PM)
₱209.00/head – All-you-can-eat wings and all-you-can-eat rice
₱269.00/head – All-you-can-eat wings, all-you-can-eat rice, and all-you-can-drink iced tea

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