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Ever since I turned 20, every 10th milestone has always been sort of a big deal for me. When I turned 20, I was sad because I wasn’t a teenager anymore. When I turned 30, same thing. I wasn’t in my 20s anymore.

But it was never the case when I turned 40 last 2018. As a matter of fact, I was happy. Not happy because I turned 40 but generally happy. I was at a place where things outside my control stopped bothering me. I was at a place where people who never mattered stopped bothering me. Regardless of whatever news went around about me, whether it was true or not, it never bothered me. Why? Would it change things if I tried to address it? No, it wouldn’t so why even bother?

Disclaimer: Before I continue, let it be known that this post is to explain what I discovered and realized. This is by no means a way to show how amazing or magnificent I am but as you read through it, you would probably think that and, frankly, it does not bother me whatever you think.

When you’re 40, for some reason, it all started to make sense.

Of course, during your younger years, the world was your oyster. So, naturally, everything was a must have for me. The latest phone, the best mobile plan, the best upgrades for your car, the best accommodations, the works. Once you hit 40, even good bargains become a practicality battle even if you had the money for it. A former colleague of mine and I would have an on-going conversation whenever either of us would come across a purchase decision. The conversation would often end after this question,

Masusulit mo ba naman yan? Loosely translated: Would you be able to maximize its use? More often than not, the purchase would not push through.

Buying phones when your 40 has also changed dramatically. I mean, you can get the top-of-the-line specs but often times the next time you purchase a new phone is when the current phone gets irreparably damaged. With that mindset, anything becomes justifiable.

When you’re 40, your health and religious beliefs become more serious. You tend to read the Bible and pray more. You can go through an entire month without drinking an ounce of softdrink or even booze.

When you’re 40, anything that would annoy you when you were younger, you’d just laugh it off and not be affected by it because more important things are in the forefront like your health and religion.

When you’re 40, family is everything. You tend to go to your nephews and nieces school plays more often and would gladly compete with the other parents at who would give the loudest cheers.

In short, being 40 allows you to choose your battles more carefully. You tend to care more about your relationships than your principles. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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