It’s often understandable and even ignored when people you don’t know pass judgement or talk about you but what grinds my gears is when people who should be your friends make unnecessary comments just to make conversation.

“Uy, tumaba sya.”

Often times sayo pa sinasabi.

“Uy, tumaba ka.”

It is the WORST thing to say to a person even as a joke. It ruins their mood and it pretty much sets up how shitty their day is going to be. None of my closest friends tell me this so who the hell gave you permission to take a stab at me?

If you don’t have anything remotely decent to say, then just keep your stupid mouth shut. You don’t need to say anything at all if it’s not going to lift anyone up. Heck, you don’t need to be in the same place if it will just make it awkward. You got to that place, didn’t you? You can get out of there, too.

Just shut up, pick up your phone, and just browse Facebook and judge people in peace.

That also goes for when people tell stories and have to include a portion that does not change the intensity of the story whatsoever.

“…so itong isang matabang babae…”
“…yung baklang mayari nung Montero…”
“…yung isang nakakita na ang pangit ng buhok…”

Why does it have to have something like that added to the story?? Will it make a difference???

Don’t question why there is so much hate in the world while you are hear doing the same thing.


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