In a few days, it’s gonna be Kuya’s 2nd month since his homecoming in heaven. I have to admit that the family is slowly getting their things back together; slowly getting used to not having him around whenever we go out; business as usual.
The things that have changed, which I noticed, is how much, much closer the family has become. For some of you who know my family, you already know how close we were. Now, imagine that, then multiply that by 10.
I, in particular, have learned to appreciate life much, much more. With Kuya passing at a relatively early age, you tend to not take certain things for granted anymore. More things don’t bother you as much as it did before and you seem to LOVE everything. I think you guys might have noticed me ❤️-ing more now and it’s not even a gimmick. Friends have become more valuable now, you tend to want to help more often, so on, and so forth. Some of you may have already received a random message from me telling you that I have just prayed for you. No, I am not becoming all religious or any of that. It’s just that with everything that is happening today, we tend to forget to pray more. Even to random people.
But with all the good things, there are also many things that can jolt you. I, for one, have had my share of paranoia from my mom all the way to my youngest nephew. It’s not a good feeling, I tell ya.
So what I am asking for those who have reached this far in my post, is to keep me and my family in your prayers. We may seem to have moved forward with Kuya gone , but we are pretty much still shaken.
I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers and will still keep on sending random messages to some of you telling you that I just thought of you and that I have just prayed for you.
Thank you.

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