OnePlus is one the very few brands that I respect and love. My history with different brands have come and gone because of one or two problems as I used it turning me off from the brand completely.

If you want to go directly to the solution, you can skip the next few paragraphs and go straight to the part that starts with the red text.

It’s not just a one-off problem. It’s a problem that the brand itself has admitted to having but not actually regard it as admitting as a “problem” but more of a “business direction”.

Here is a couple of phones I’ve had which got me to swear off their brand even if they’ve probably fixed the issue.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (released: 2012) – What turned me off with this phone was their proprietary USB port. Funny how they use USB but it is proprietary. Let me explain. They did use the same micro-USB port to charge their phones BUT will require a Samsung branded USB cable for it to charge properly. Meaning third-party (cheaper) brands would then be a hit or miss. Some would work well intermittently and some would just straight up not work. I went to an actual and authentic Samsung store and had a sales rep tell that to me. It’s not as if he had to put up a fight before admitting. He just said it without me suspecting it.

I didn’t like the thought of having to look for a Samsung store if and when my USB cable goes bad and having to fork in more money than when I can just go to a nearby phone store and get an aftermarket cable which SHOULD work just as well. Sorry, Samsung. No bueno.

LG G4 (released: 2015) – It was almost a perfect phone for me. It had 3GB of ram (one of the bigger ones of the era). A curved screen (though, admittedly not a deal breaker), and an infrared port. What turned me off was the screen burn in. An issue known on some OLED panels. But mine was very prominent. The burn in would still be present even if the phone was shut off.

Though the concern is not limited to LG but to all phones using an OLED panel, I didn’t like the thought of among all the people who bought an LG G4, I was the unlucky one to have that problem. Not good, LG, not good.

Another issue I had with my phone in particular  was the phone boot looping signifying a faulty motherboard. The first time happened within its first year and the second (and last) time was on the year I decided to switch to a new phone.

Luckily for me, LG slowly deteriorated in turns of releases making it much easier for me to switch.

Based on experience, the lifespan of every phone I’ve owned lasted for 3 years and with the LG G4 finally failing, I felt it was time for an upgrade.

I’ve been following this brand since day one but was hesitant to jump ship primarily because of its cheap price because I’ve experienced that spec sheets and pricing are indirectly proportional and that good specs on paper do not necessarily mean a good phone. Boy, was I wrong.

So since I was able to have access to the OnePlus website and finally convincing myself to jump ship, I bought the OnePlus 6T (released: 2018) fully spec’d out. (unfortunately, the McLaren edition suddenly became “out of stock”) I was satisfied with it, nonetheless.

At the time of release, it was the only phone that beat all the other flagships with its whopping 8GB of ram and 256GB of internal memory. Something unheard of at the time and with an amazing price of approximately half of its competitors, it was a no-brainer for me to get it. So I jumped ship.

With just a few months of using the phone, I was convinced that this would still be my brand 3 years down the line when it’s time to upgrade. Until something happened.

When I would switch the slider all the way to the top where SILENT would be, the phone would not acknowledge it being put to silent. Setting it to vibrate worked fine and consistently, but when switching it to silent, would require a lot of tries and sometimes even pushing into the switch (which shouldn’t be) and yet it would work.

I would do searches in forums and random sites explaining that there might be some lint or debris lodged between the contact points and all I need to do was blow into it to dislodge it to no avail.

My issue is that I purchased it online because it would save me some money if I did that and not through the local authorized OnePlus store (since the website didn’t have an official site in my country) and with the current situation, I realized that I would either have it shipped back to where i purchased it ask the local retailer if there is a way to have it serviced. Luckily they do and not like the LG one where it would still need to be shipped overseas and would take 6-8 weeks. With the OnePlus authorized retailer, it would take them only 2-3 weeks.

But I was still not willing to pay for repair since OnePlus does not offer international warranty. So I decided to email OnePlus directly to see if I could get special consideration and have my phone checked into the local store under special warranty.

A few hours after submitting my email ticket, I got a response. Well, it was the typical response asking whether the device was damaged, dropped, or submerged in water where the answers were all NO.

Then the email continued by suggesting to do a cache wipe which, initially, I found it absurd thinking that how can an obviously mechanical problem be resolved by a software tweak? But I wasn’t ready to give up. Reluctantly, I decided to give it a try since they guaranteed that it will not affect my saved files and photos and just some settings.

If only I could take a photo of how I picked my mouth off of the floor for I was beyond shocked that it worked. Sure, the problem would come back after a few days, but doing the cache wipe worked. I’m sure that OnePlus would have a software patch or update released soon but boy was I really surprised. Never in my 18 years in technical support where a software tweak would fix a seemingly mechanical problem.

So here is the step-by-step process in wiping the cache. Please note that these steps were done and are applicable to a OnePlus 6T and might be slightly different to your particular OnePlus phone. Just ask uncle Google for specific steps if my steps don’t apply to you.

Pardon the blurred images but at least you will have an idea per step. Just follow along.

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I’m sharing this because none of the other forums have this solution, I mean, to the amount of research I’ve done at least.
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