I am a simple man. I don’t normally analyze or put two and two together just to try and make sense of it all. I normally take it at face value and for the most part, it has worked very well for me all these years.

When my mom was hospitalized back in 2017, this was the first time I became emotionally and, I guess, physically involved with anything this big. Whenever I would get updates from my sister, my mom’s best friends, and the doctors, I would focus on just that information and not bother worrying about any other thing that we should be thinking about. When the doctor would say that we should aim for the BP to reach this number, I would shut off any other number we need to think about and just pray for the BP to hit that number. Even if the other numbers don’t look good, if the doctor says that we’ll monitor on this number, and if we’ve hit it, then it’s another win for us… despite the slew of other numbers we need to look out for and worry about. That’s the mindset that got me through mom’s hospitaliztion from start to finish.

I guess that’s how God made me. To focus on one thing and worry about the others in due time. Instead of looking at life by the glass-half-empty mindset, I have always been the type who would rejoice at the little milestones rather than continue the milestone statement with, “although” or “but” and just drain you completely. It just sucks the life outta you that way quicker.

When the doctor would tell me that we needed mom’s oxygen levels to go to a certain level (as of this writing, I’m holding back tears because all of the emotions then are suddenly coming back), then as far as I’m concerned, that’s the only thing I will be praying for. Other people would then stress on how high her BP was or why there was blood here or there and I feel that that kind of negativity — though a valid concern, mind you — is something nobody needed at that moment. God has put these professionals for a reason and if they tell me to focus on one thing for now, then that’s what I’m going to do. Thank God mom got healed.

Complete one hurdle first then go on to the next one. Do not equally divide your attention and energy on the current and 9 other hurdles. Focus on reaching one milestone first then focus and aim to reaching the next milestone after.


I believe that God has brought us to anything and everything for a reason. The people that we’ve met and lost along the way. Our acquaintances. The networks we’ve formed. NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE. God will not waste His time by allowing Himself to waste yours. Every second of your life has a life-changing purpose; At that very moment, it may be for yourself, other times it may be for someone else. In the end, nothing is wasted. That’s just how God works I believe.

I remember a former agent of mine in one shift where he was the only one left taking calls and there were 20 calls waiting for over an hour and he was in the middle of a call. I went to him and asked, “kakayanin mo ba’ng asikasuhin lahat nyan?” and with much confidence he placed his call and mute and told me, “ang tanong, kaya ba nila akong hintayin?”


Never be the glass-half-empty person. Take each moment with a smile on your face knowing you have a God Who has definitely got your back. Learn to celebrate the milestones when they happen and attack the rest of the problems one by one.

You are loved.

God bless you today.

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