I’ve been doing IF since January 1 of this year. I started with 16:8 and have slowly graduated to 18:6 with occasionally doing 20:4 and even 21:3.

I’ve been very, very interested in the health benefits of intermittent fasting and have been extra curious in the health benefits of a prolonged fast.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I watched two YouTube videos of two totally different people discussing their water fast journey and what they gained from it. Though Erwan’s post sort of focused on the weight-loss and leaning side, I was more interested in Wild We Roam’s reason and that it, to my understanding, will reset your body

So that’s what I am curious to discover. I want to see what a 6-day water fast can do to my system and my body.

Now, I know some will ask why I opted for 6 and not 5 or not even 7. I wanted to keep it a secret to my friends and family. Only 1 friend knows of this. I have nothing to be afraid of because once I feel that my life is in danger, I can always abort and just reap the benefits from how many days I have fasted and just treat it like any other IF session so no big deal here.

So from this point on, all I will talk about is my daily experiences and observations.

September 22, 2019 (Sunday)

My last meal ended at 12:00PM. I took a couple of profile shots and angled selfies to document my before and after.

Current conditions:
Calves sore from last Thursdays workout.
Right hip sore.
Been having this mild cold for a week now. It’s not that I have colds in my nose of anything. My eyes are just extra watery so you know that that is definitely a cold.
Slight pain in my lower back.

September 23, 2019 (Monday)

Stoked to have finally completed a full day admittedly, there are a few instances where I would get hungry but it is totally ignorable. As of this writing, I am on my 30th hour and I feel fine.

Just went to have my initial weigh in. A little bummed but then, we should not be to concerned with looking at numbers. I lost 5 pounds from June of this year. Not too big of a deal but still a win.

I decided to extend my 6-day water fast to a full week. Since the family will be busy on that Saturday, I can avoid having to eat for one more day.

This week, it’s all about pretending to do a regular IF and just inform the people at home that I have already ended my eating window for the day since we only see each other at dinner time. Pretty easy to do a full day’s fast.

September 24, 2019 (Tuesday)

Just completed my 48th hour. So far, so good. Is it because of me limiting my intake that’s why I feel extra tired? Just came from CrossFit and I feel so winded. But then I remember when I was eating healthy while doing CrossFit, I felt weaker yet stronger, if that makes sense.

Today, I started reading on the effects of doing extended fasts. I mean, like the in-depth stuff and not just the general picture. Turns out that you body goes though a lot of things from the 12th, 18th, 24th, 48th, and 72nd hours. Interesting stuff.

At the end of a total of 55 hours, I gave in to my family’s request that I stop the extended fast. Coming from a long line of people with diabetes, my family thought that it was too risky for me to perform an all water fast.

They suggested that if I still wanted to do this, that I switch to an all liquid fast instead of just water. That way, it can ensure that my blood sugar level is controlled and not risking an immediate drop.

The experience, however, was amazing. There were times when I would feel hungry but if I ignored it long enough the hunger would just go away.

Will try and revisit this but will do a liquid fast instead of just plain water.

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