Rant ahead.. Just scroll along if you’re (like me sometimes) aren’t in the mood for negative posts like this.

You’ve been warned.

It’s hard to keep a positive outlook when you’re stuck in quarantine and feel anxious about it and everything that comes with this whole pandemic up to the fear for your friend’s and family’s life.

Then you suddenly remember your brother and the people who you expected to console you during his wake but never showed. Hindi nagparamdam not even an FB message or a text (pero minsan ok lang din na hindi sila magparamdam kaysa naman mag message sila ng excuse na halatang halata naman na hindi sincere).

Then you hear about Minnesota and George Floyd and you just see countless videos of very bad people.

Then there are some people suddenly going cold but you can’t say anything kasi wala ka sa position to say anything about it

and many more..

Sa totoo lang, mahirap din ngumiti minsan ha..

Mahirap din magpangiti ng mga tao..

Nakakapagod din mangamusta ng tao na di ka naman kakamustahin (though hindi ko naman ini-expect na mag reciprocate sila. Minsan lang gusto mo rin may kumamusta sayo)



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