I’m beginning to understandwhat’s “wrong” with today’s generation. This is in the point-of-view of a 43-year old.

I’m not saying that we are better than you young ones. It’s just that I get it. It’s now up to you whether you are going to listen to my observation or not.

Either way, it’s just an observation and not aimed to fight anyone.

You guys want to be vocal about EVERYTHING and post it in social media as a form of “being true to yourself”. The problem with a lot of you doing it is that you dwell WAY TOO MUCH in the negative.

Whether or not your goal is to get the pity of your reader or not is totally up to you. I just notice that you focus way too much on how miserable, anxious, sad, or depressed you are and post way too little milestones and accomplishments.

We (well, me, at least) rarely post of anything personal whether it’s about a good or bad feeling. If you think I post a lot of it, believe me, it’s nothing compared to what I have/receive/feel in a day.

You always want closure. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way all the time. Sometimes, you will just need to let go and let it be. It’s simpler and often times, it’s less painful that way.

The world does not revolve around you so the problems you face everyday does not apply to you only. Everybody goes through it. We just don’t allow it to ruin our day. Either you move on or you move forward.

You focus way too much on too many small victories that you don’t aspire for big goals anymore. Mistakes and posting it on social media makes you feel and makes you project to the world that you are human and that you should be looked at as relatable.

Aim for big things. Fail getting there. Learn from it and try again. Everybody goes through it.

Don’t overthink things. If you want to post a video, stop planning and start doing it. I, too, am a victim of that. I plan way too much and before I know it, 3 months have passed by and I have barely scratched the surface of what I wanted to do to the point it becomes too overwhelming that I decide to just stop and end it. Hindi ko pa nasisimulan, tinigil ko na.

Just do it. No need for big productions and fancy equipment.

Love more and hate less. That goes the same for yourself. Stop focusing on what makes you sad and depressed and focus on what truly makes you happy. The “enemy” will always be right behind you reminding you of how sad and depressed you are so learn to ignore it.

I seem to be a happy bloke for 99% of my social media life and it’s because I decide to be. The truth is, I am also sad, broken, and depressed a lot of times but I don’t let that be the highlight of my life.

There are way too many good things going on for me to allow negativity to eat me and ruin my day/week/month/life.

I love you.

This is not an attack but an observation. If you are offended, good. It means you are guilty. Instead of fighting and attacking me all over social media, better yet, PROVE ME WRONG.

That’s the best thing you can do to yourself and I will be more than happy to watch you do it.

I’ll even cheer you on in the process.

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